Abstract painting, part of the New Biology series which explores nature's self-organising ecosystems and the new technological equivalents.

In cell biology, the nucleus contains our genetic material and controls growth and reproduction. In other words, it holds the key to who we are and what we’ll become. 

How much of our biology and self is pre-determined? What can we control?

When creating this work I thought about our illusion of choice, particularly with regards to technology. We use the internet to learn, shop, entertain. We believe we are making autonomous decisions, but so much of the information returned is based on what the machine ‘thinks’ we might like based on our historic actions. Therefore, our world view, and ultimately our decisions, are shaped by the medium, and by those controlling that medium.  What are the implications of this for humanity?

Watercolour, ink and gold gilding liquid on 300GSM 100% cotton acid free mould made textured paper.

Signed in pencil on the back. Unframed.

Size: 8.3 H x 11.7 W x 0.1 in

Packaging: Ships in a tube

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