The New Biology Series

What does it mean to be human in the age of rapidly evolving technology? Are humans, machines, and ecology simply nodes in a network? What implications does that have for our sense of self?

The New Biology series uses abstract forms to suggest ecosystems, from a tiny nucleus to a giant planet. Indecipherable from each other, these forms are intended to raise the question of perspective - size is only relative to one’s own position in the ecosystem.

Watercolour and ink is used due the self-determining qualities of these mediums when mixed with water. Each painting is planned but takes on a life of its own, heading in often unexpected directions - much like the man-made technology that is advancing so quickly today. 

Gold pigment and ink is used in an attempt to capture light and transform the painting depending on conditions and perspective.

This series is influenced by the work of Suprematist artists like Malevich and Lissitzky, in particular their use of floating forms against white ground.